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Profile Evaluation (Individual & Group)
At Career 360°, Profile evaluation is to provides feedback and guidance about whether you are doing right on right direction with right speed or not.
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Parents Counselling Program
At Career 360°, Parental counselling aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and support to parents without bias or judgment.
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Concern Counselling (Individual & Group)
At Career 360°, The concern counselling is a planned, structured dialogue session, with a process to identify sources of difficulties or concerns.
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Business Counselling
At Career 360°, Business counselling is growth discussion with counselor and a business owner for personal and professional growth.
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Entrepreneur Counselling
At Career 360°, Entrepreneur counselling is business discussion with counselor and an Entrepreneur on mission and vision execution.
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Startup Counselling
At Career 360°, In Startup counselling, we jointly nurture idea in the right direction with right speed, just to keep you focused and ready to make it future ready.
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AI Based Psychometric Test
At Career 360°, Psychometric test includes realistic chatbot, situational judgment check, cognitive ability check, visualization and feedbacks.
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Career 360° Lab Program
At Career 360° Lab Program are specially designed for students, to know more about practically of what is next? what is right? What is way forward?
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Seminars & Workshops
At Career 360°, We deliver Seminars & Workshops, fully planned, subject oriented 100% practical hand-on sessions.
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