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An assessment is a series of questions or statements that one answers or responds to, that are then scored by hand or computer. The results are provided in a report that measures or gives feedback on the particular topic (aptitude, personality, interest, adjustment, etc.) of the assessment. A Career Assessment gives information about careers and helps one make wise career-related decisions.

Not really. Just have a good night’s sleep. Eat a good breakfast. Relax. Have a fresh state of mind. These tests don’t need you to have any prior preparation as they are not based on syllabus or subjects.

These tests are meant to understand you, your personality and your aptitude. You may have answers to a few questions and you may not have an answer to a few. It is okay. You will not be negatively marked or judged. For some questions there are no right or wrong answers, those questions are meant to reflect your thought process.

Yes, we provide a certificate of completion on satisfactory performance of the participant at the discretion of the trainer.

People seek personal counselling for many reasons. They seek counselling for reasons such as emotional pain, mental trauma, loneliness, lack of direction, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and sometimes even personal growth and direction.

Personal Counselling is absolutely confidential. Client must feel at ease is the foremost objective. Client’s comfort, privacy, confidentiality are of utmost importance.

to book session, you can call us directly on given contact or you can fill form, team will be get back to you on your given time as per availability. 

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